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Delt Sig Spartan  - 98th Anniversary



Wednesday, January 13th, 2021


2006 Delt Sig Spartan COMPOSITE.jpg
1989 Delt Sig Spartan COMPOSITE.jpg
1995 Delt Sig Spartan COMPOSITE.jpg

After cleaning out some file cabinets, closets and storage areas for renovation prep over the last few years, we found a bunch of really cool memorabilia, including yearbooks and Fraternity Composites - some dating back to the 1940s!  Unfortunately, as the quantity of these items has grown throughout our 98 years, the Chapter House is no longer the ideal location to store all of these items.  With preservation of this history in mind, we are putting some items up for auction to Alumni, so that they can be cherished and safeguarded by our most dedicated Brothers. 


This auction will 1) allow for these items to be protected and displayed proudly in the homes and offices of our distinguished Alums, 2) help raise money for Chapter House renovations, and 3) grant us all an opportunity to travel back in time to appreciate some of our great Delt Sig Spartan Brothers & History.


So check things out, help us raise money for future Chapter Renovations, and join fellow Alumni for a fun Brotherhood stroll down memory lane!


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