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Delt Sig Spartan Alumni wins EMMY!

Congratulations to Brett Kast (Fall 2012) on his first Emmy award win!


Brett, a reporter for FOX59 News in Indianapolis, IN, took home the award for a story he wrote, shot and edited in Fall 2018.  

The story covers an Indiana community honoring 18 military veterans and one spouse whose remains were unclaimed.  Brett told a sincere and heartfelt story of this truly touching tribute. 


His work was recognized by the journalism profession at a large awards ceremony in Cleveland this June 2019.   


Kast, who served as 2014 E-Board Secretary and 2015 Philanthropy Chairman (creating the Delt Sig Spartan DIRTY TUG Philanthropy Tug-of-War Event for the Believe in Miracles Foundation), is continuing the legacy of Delt Sig Spartan EXCELLENCE after graduation.

#DOINBIGTHINGS   #TellYourFriends!

Read Brett's story and see his emotional video tribute to our Veterans:

Brett Kast EMMY AWARD 2019 2.jpg
Brett Kast EMMY AWARD 2019.jpg
Brett Kast PROFILE PHOTO.jpg
Brett Kast EMMY AWARD 2019 4.jpg
Brett Kast EMMY AWARD 2019 3.jpg
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